Sunday, 26 February 2012

Relief from arthritic pain

The most successful product we developed during our years of farming and essential oil production was our massage blend made with organic Roman Chamomile. This was tried and tested by our clients for over a period of fourteen years and many people grew to rely on it as a natural anti-inflammatory and a source of pain relief.

Now, at Phyto Essential Oils we can announce the return of this popular blend: no 'new formula' just exactly the same effective recipe, the natural alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs, which have well-known and unpleasant side effects. For example, most NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs), if taken regularly, may have a damaging effect on the stomach lining and in some cases, can cause ulcers.

This, however, is an external preparation which works through the skin, whence it is absorbed into the bloodstream. A small amount (about the size of a 10p piece) is placed in the palm of the hand then massaged into the painful area for three to five minutes, once, or preferably twice daily.

The selling price in our previous shop was £5.00 for a 50ml bottle, but now, with reduced overheads and no VAT (yet), we are able to re-introduce this blend at an amazing £3.50.

Anyone who suffers from arthritis, rheumatism or any kind of joint or muscle pain will benefit from this wonderful product. Just go to the main site and look at 'Massage Blends' in the main menu.

Welcome to a pain-free world.