Wednesday, 11 January 2017

                Hi all - Happy New Year!

We have just received some new specifications from our trusted supplier of Rosehip Oil. I thought it would be good to share it with you:

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Part Number: 330644

INCI name: Rosa Canina Fruit Oil Synonyms: Dog rose 
Country of Origin: China 
CAS Number: 84696-47-9/ 84603-93-0
EC Number: 283-652-0/

Status: 100% Pure & Natural

General Description: Rosehip is a deciduous shrub belonging to the Rosaceae family. Growing up to 5 metres high, it has small prickles covering the stems. The leaves are pinnate, with 5-7 leaflets. The flowers are usually pale pink, but can vary between a deep pink and white. They are 4–6 cm diameter with five petals, and mature into an oval 1.5–2 cm red-orange fruit, or hip. 

Extraction: Rosa Canina Fruit Oil is obtained by cold pressing from Hip Rose, Rosa canina L., Rosaceae.

Common Uses/Applications: Carrier oil used in aromatherapy applications. Component in perfumes, soaps and cosmetic products.

Aromatherapy Actions/Uses: Considered to have the following properties: Hydrating, moisturizing, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory & regenerating. 

Regarded to be helpful for scars, aging skin, burns, stretch marks, dermotoheliosis, hyper or hypo-pigmentation & sun damaged skin.