Thursday, 5 March 2015

Litsea Cubeba (May Chang)

Litsea Cubeba essential oil is distilled from the fragrant fruits of a tree which grows in eastern Asia and is cultivated in Taiwan, Japan and China, where the bulk of the oil is produced. Julia Lawless describes the characteristics of the oil as follows:
'A pale yellow mobile liquid with an intense, lemony, fresh-fruity odour (sweeter than lemongrass but less tenacious).' 

The oil has been used in skin care for 'acne, dermatitis, excessive perspiration, greasy skin, insect repellent and [wait for it] spots [she says without further explanation] '. Furthermore, it is 'extensively used as a fragrance component in air fresheners, soaps, deodorants, colognes, toiletries and perfumes.'

Commonly known as May Chang (which always reminds me of a Chinese actress in the early days of Hollywood silent movies), this versatile oil is very reasonably priced, and great in the burner to freshen the kitchen or bathroom. As part of our on-going and extensive price-reduction policy, May Chang is now just £2.00 for 5mls (down from £2.45), £2.40 for 10mls (was £3.20), £5.63 for 50mls (was £7.20) and £9.66 for 100mls (formerly £11.20).