Friday, 15 June 2018

New - Fragrance Blends

We're delighted to announce two new products which will form the basis of a new range of fragrant essential oil blends. As these will be composed of 100% pure oils there will be therapeutic and mood-enhancing benefits, as well as attractive scents. Unlike conventional perfumes, our fragrance blends will not include synthetics or spirit bases which can be irritate and dry the skin. We have chosen Fractionated Coconut as a carrier because it has a low viscosity, and a quality of soothing and softening the skin. To help deliver these benefits, we're putting the blends into handy 10ml rollerball bottles. Our first two blends are:
  • Sweet and Warm - Organic Lavender with Rose Geranium in Fractionated Coconut
  • Fresh and Uplifting - Bergamot and Sweet Brazilian Orange in Fractionated Coconut
So what we're aiming to provide is a beautiful aroma with health-giving properties. We hope you will agree, you can find them in the product-list to the left of the home page. 

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Testimonial from the Channel Islands

We have recently begun to supply the lovely Stocks Hotel in Sark, Channel Islands Aromatherapy and pampering are on the menu there and the therapist Lynn Bleasdale sent the following email to me after receiving their oils:

Just to say thank you so much. The quality of the oils is superb.

It was so exciting to receive the box of oils today and what a cute and lovely box it is.

The oils I have to say, Are simply the best.

Thanks for all your help.